Limit Your Consumption Of This Beverage to Reduce the Risk of Having a Stroke and Heart Attack

There are a lot of drinks that increase the risk of heart attack and brain stroke dramatically. Energy drinks are among these drinks. They are loaded with caffeine which causes the blood to become sticky, blood pressure to go high and can lead to serious heart problems.

Just one hour after drinking an energy drink, your body becomes under abnormal threatening. Since this drinks are considered so dangerous, they are even forbidden in some countries. Bottled water used to be the fastest growing beverage business, but now energy drinks have become bigger. More than 3.5 million cans of some energy drinks are sold each year. Energy drinks do really lives up to its name

Well, it depends on the way you look. In most of the cases, the energy drinks contain caffeine and sugar that can give you a quick burst of energy. Even though it does not last long and when you drink too much you will start feeling lethargic and wanting for more.

Here is the list of the benefits of energy drinks, which can be found labeled on their cans:

– Increase Energy
– Increase Metabolism
– Increase Concentration
– Increase Wakefulness

There is no doubt energy drinks have some benefits for the body, they have traces of vitamin B and also contain the amino acid taurine. But it will take time to see how the energy drinks affect our health on the long term.

Who should avoid energy drinks no matter what

– Pregnant or lactating women
– Children
– People who are sensitive to caffeine
– If you are suffering from chronic fatigue
– If you are suffering from high stress levels
– If you are suffering from anxiety
– Any disorder with blood clotting

Note: Mixing alcohol with energy drinks can be l.i..f.e threatening

Energy drinks can be d.e.a.d.l.y when combined with stress, high blood pressure, or alcohol. When alcohol is mixed with an energy drink, a d.e.a.d.l.y combination occurs. In this case, you mix a stimulant with a depressant can be very dangerous for your heart, an d.e.a.d.l.y arrhythmia, heart attack or heart failure can occur.


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