Leonardo DiCaprio helps save the life of man who fell overboard on cruise ship

It doesn’t matter how many films he stars in, or what diverse and incredible roles he takes on; Leonardo DiCaprio’s name will always be synonymous with Titanic.

In the film, his character, Jack Dawson, saves the life of his new love by offering up a floating door for her to use as a life-raft, and thereby freezing to death himself in the process (we don’t want to say it, but there was definitely room for two on that door).

Well, it turns out Leo’s life-saving acts aren’t only confined to his characters on the big screen – he recently helped to save someone who had fallen overboard on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

As per reports, the 45-year-old actor was holidaying with girlfriend Camila Morrone in St. Barts on December 30 when the couple rented a boat with some friends.

While out on the water, however, they heard a distress call for a man in need of help. Leo sprang into action to help save his life after he had fallen off a Club Med yacht.

Despite the fact a storm was approaching and it was but an hour before sunset, DiCaprio reportedly insisted on searching for the man.

The Shutter Island star’s boat found the man, a 24-year-old who was severely dehydrated and frantically waving his hands in the air after treading water for nearly 11 hours.

A source supposedly told The Sun: “They were the only responders, and his only chance of survival, despite being hours away. The ‘man overboard’ was minutes from drowning when he was found. He had been treading water and still managed to flail his hands as Leonardo came near.

“It was not long before daylight disappeared, and there was a giant rainstorm closing in. The man was doomed. He thought he was dreaming after being rescued by one of the world’s most famous faces.

It continued: “Leonardo played a blinding role in his own real-life Hollywood movie. He saved the life of a man overboard who incredibly had survived by treading water for 11 hours.

Leonardo’s boat was the only vessel looking for him. The captain put the man’s chances of survival at one in a billion — like winning the lottery twice.

Fortunately, Leo was able to save the man, named Victor, and gave him food, drink and warm clothes before sending him over to the coastguards.

What a remarkable man Leonardo DiCaprio truly is! Not only does he continue to try and make a positive difference in the world, but he saved a man’s life too!

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