Ladies This Is Why You Should Never Love A Man More Than He Loves You

Ladies This Is Why You Should Never Love A Man More Than He Loves You

This is not the norm and never will be.

Never love a man more than he loves you, because if you do, you will find yourself in a one-way relationship that will surely bring you nothing but misery and boredom.

But how do you really know that you are experiencing an imbalance in your relationship? Are there any signs that you can be on the lookout for to know that you are the one who loves the most? And why does this kind of relationship hurt you so much?

Signs that you love your man more than he loves you

Why does it hurt so much when you love a man more than he loves you?

1. He is not as interested in your personal life as you would like him to be

It’s a well-known fact that those you love less in a relationship are also less interested in getting to know you better.

He doesn’t make the effort – or at least not as much as you would like – to find out what’s going on in your life. Whenever you come home feeling sad and unhappy, he doesn’t even ask you what happened or why you feel that way.

2. You are always competing with your friends or family for your time

Your relationship lacks balance when you realize that in order to see your partner, you have to compete with his friends or family for his time. It seems that he is never there for you when you need him.

3. Love is not equally shared

In an unbalanced relationship, one thing is certain – love is not equal. There is a huge difference in how you express your love for him and vice versa.

Since you are the one who loves him the most, you tell him all these nice things and he gets a lot more compliments than usual. And in most cases, he won’t even bother to return them to you because you don’t love him in the same way.

4. Your love is taken for granted

Never let yourself love a man more than he loves you. Do you know why? Because it hurts to be in a one-sided relationship, since his love is constantly taken for granted.

5. He makes plans and decisions for you

Being in a healthy relationship means that you are always making plans with your man and always taking his opinion into consideration whenever you are about to make a decision.

6. He makes excuses for his bad behavior

It is completely normal to accept that you made a mistake and apologize to your partner. At least, that’s what everyone should do if they want to succeed with their significant other.

After all, mistakes happen, and it takes a lot of courage and strength to admit them.

7. The entire weight of your relationship rests on your shoulders

Unfortunately, when you love a man more than he loves you, the harsh truth is that all the strain of the relationship begins to rest on your shoulders.

You are the one who constantly worries about whether everything is okay and whether your partner’s needs are met. Essentially, you are the one making the most effort, while he sits there and does little or nothing.,

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