Ladies, Don’t Allow Guys to Take Advantage Of These 5 Parts Of Your Body.

Ladies, do not allow men to take advantage of these 5 parts of your body.

You would agree with me that the guys have exploited them. They are experienced and know a lot about girls’ weaknesses. Believe me, when I say this, guys have done their research, so much so that when you are being touched in these certain places they can easily gain access to you. As a crafty girl, a girl is much more than a boy. Boys are also very clever in their games.

In this article, I will show you some delicate parts of your body that you should not allow a boy to touch you.

1. Your Waist.

Allowing a guy you’re not in a relationship with access to your waistline is more like you’re giving him the green light and in that way you’re saying he’s welcome to do anything with it. When he tries this with you, if on the surface you haven’t rejected this, you’ve given him the opportunity to have access to it whenever he likes.

2. His thighs.

This is another part of your body that you should not allow a guy access to. When he freely touches your thighs it means that you are open to any form of harassment or any kind of mistreatment. Do not allow men access to it. That soaks up his pride.

3. Your lips

One of the delicate parts of a lady’s body is her lips. When he has access to this, it simply means that he owns your feelings. Men can pass boundaries, you should be the one to set boundaries for them. Don’t let him take advantage of you if you are not dating him.

4. Your breasts.

Letting him have access to this is like a permission slip. More like he is in charge of your body. Your breast is one of your pride that should not be taken for granted, no matter how close a man may be to you. You should keep in mind that Nd should never allow any guy to have access to your breast if you are not in a relationship with him.

5. Your Backside.

Another part of your body that you need to cherish and take so carefully and not allow any guy to touch is your butt. you should cherish that and keep that boundary. It is one of your prides that should not be taken for granted.

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