Kind 9-Yr-Old Donated 300 Hats, Gloves And Scarves To Help Foster Children Stay Warm During Winter

A kind 9-year-old helped make sure that hundreds of foster children will be staying warm for winter.

9-year-old Korbin from Spokane, WA, made it his mission to collect hundreds of new winter hats, winter gloves and scarves to donate to foster children and the homeless who may not be able to get their own.

Photo credit: 16 Cents, 3 Shoes & 5 Socks

Korbin participated in a charity donation drive hosted by 16 Cents, 3 Shoes & 5 Socks, a furniture and mattress store in Spokane which holds annual clothing drives to help the homeless and foster children. Each year, kind people from the community gather and donate new coats, snow pants, scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, socks, boots, blankets, and sleeping bags to help those in need stay warm for the winter.

The drive’s beautiful cause inspired Korbin to also do what he could to help.

“A 9-year-old wants to help keep other children warm this winter,” 16 Cents, 3 Shoes & 5 Socks shared in a post online. “Thursday night, Korbin went shopping for foster kids. He plans to fill up donation bags with hundreds of hats, gloves, and scarves for foster kids. This year, Korbin hopes to collect 500 of each. So far, he has 167 hats, 152 gloves, and 95 scarves. If you would like to help him reach his goal, you can donate new hats, gloves, and scarves Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 16 Cents, 3 Shoes, & 5 Socks (Division and Sharp) during the 6th Annual #CrazyCampout. All donations will be given to Embrace Washington and Family Promise of Spokane.”

Photo credit: 16 Cents, 3 Shoes & 5 Socks

Korbin made multiple visits to drop off the many pieces of clothing he was able to gather, and he was able to fill three large barrels with items to help foster children and the homeless.

“9-year-old Korbin visited the Crazy Campout with even more donations for foster kids. So far, Korbin has filled three barrels with hats, gloves, and scarves. Korbin’s donations will be given to foster kids during the holiday season. Donate new hats, gloves, and scarves for foster kids ages newborn to 18 years old.”

“In addition, donate new socks, gloves, boots, coats, hats, scarves, toilet paper, paper plates, plastic forks and spoons, baby wipes, diapers, towels, silverware, cooking utensils, washcloths, cleaning supplies, dish soap, and laundry detergent. All of your donations will be given to Family Promise of Spokane and Embrace Washington.”

Photo credit: 16 Cents, 3 Shoes & 5 Socks

Many hearts online have appreciated Korbin’s good deeds at such a young age.

“What an amazing young man. Well done,” wrote Monica H.

“Vision of compassion, he is a guardian angel already,” commented Kathryn T.

“Such kindness… Bless this young hero,” wrote Rita C.

“What a beautiful heart and loving soul ❤️ amazing job young man!!” shared Theresa D.

You are Loved.

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