Kids with Down syndrome pose as Disney characters to show off their incredible beauty

A U.K. photographer is being hailed for her photoshoot featuring children with Down syndrome dressed as Disney princes and princesses.

Nicole Perkins, of Nicole Louise Photography, staged a “Down with Disney” photoshoot to celebrate and raise awareness for Down syndrome. The results? Well, they’re absolutely fantastic.

According to reports, Nicole developed the idea as a result of working as both a photographer and in a special needs school. Combining her worlds has proven to be the ticket to viral fame.

Speaking to Good Morning America, she said: “The Down syndrome community is one of the kindest most welcoming communities I have ever met.

“The response has been incredible, and it was so much fun creating the images. I have met some amazing families in the process and I’m so glad to see the joy the images of their children has brought to so many people. I hope people take away the fact that there is a lot more to Down syndrome than what you are told in a hospital.

“They are such beautiful special people and the world is a much better place with them in it.”

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Gepostet von Nicole Louise Photography am Freitag, 25. Oktober 2019

Following on from last year’s “Down Right Beautiful” photoshoot, where Nicole featured 32 different babies, children, teens and young adults with Down syndrome, the photographer wanted to continue to raise awareness.

She told Fox 5 her photoshoot was aiming to educate others on the beauty of the disability. What better what to example that than by incorporating Disney?

We simply can’t get enough of Nicole’s work. A celebration of children with Down syndrome whilst also being incredible poignant material? If only more photographers could focus on these sorts of things instead of obsessing over celebrities.

I for one am immensely proud of Nicole and all the children who took part in her photoshoot.

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