Johnny’s Teacher Was Teaching About Agriculture. –



One day little Johnny’s teacher was teaching the class about agriculture.

To help with this, she was showing pictures of farm equipment.

She puts up the first picture,

“What is this a picture of class?” she asks.

Little Suzy puts up her hand and Johnny sticks up his hand.

Of course, the teacher just knows that Johnny has something dirty in mind and picks Suzy.

“What is this Suzy?”.

“Its a rake”.

“Very good, now can anyone tell me what this is?” she asks and points at the next picture.

Johnny’s hand shoots up and, little Anne politely puts up her hand, and once again the teacher ignores little Johnny.

“That’s a pitchfork,” says little Suzy.

“Very good, now can anyone tell me what this is?”

The teacher asks once more.

Dead silence, only one student has their hand up, and of course its little Johnny.

Seeming as though no one else was volunteering,

The teacher asked Johnny. “OK Johnny, what is this?”.

All of a sudden Johnny realizes he doesn’t know the answer.

“UH, UH, its a shovel, yeah, it’s a shovel.”

“No Johnny, this isn’t a shovel, this is a hoe”.


My sister’s a hoe and she doesn’t look nuts’ like that!




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