Johnny Was Playing Outside. –

Little Johnny was playing outside.

One day his mother told him to be looking for the preacher that he was coming to visit them today.

Little Johnny was playing and had to poop really bad

So he pulls his pants down to take a dump and saw the preacher approaching.

So he hurried and pooped and put a bucket over it,

so then the preacher came upon.

Then Preacher asked says

“how are we doing today,”

Johnny says “good”

Preacher asked Johnny “what are you doing with that bucket?”

Johnny replies “I have the fastest lizard in the world under here”.

The preacher says

“Well let me seem him “

Johnny says “no he will run away”

The preacher says “well I got an idea on count three you lift the bucket and I will grab him”,

So Johnny snickers and says ok 1. 2. 3.

Johnny lifts the bucket and the preacher grabs for the lizard and says, Johnny

“what is this”

Johnny said I told you,

” he was the fastest lizard in the world he has done sh!t and runs!!!!”

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