Johnny Comes Home From School. –

Little Johnny comes home from school and his Grandma asks him about his day.

Little Johnny says,

“Oh, the school was fun. We were learnings*xual education. The teacher taught us about pen!ses and vag!nas and how they function.”

The grandmother, horrified by what she heard says,

“I will not tolerate this language from you! Go to your room and don’t come out until your mother gets home!”

When his mother arrives home, she asks grandma,

“Where’s little Johnny?”

The grandmother proceeds to explain why she sent him to his room.

The mother says,

“Oh, that’s okay. Students learn about these things early these days. I’ll just go get him from his room.”

The mother walked up the steps and into little Johnny’s room to find him sitting in the corner [email protected]

Horrified by what she sees, she closes the door and walks back downstairs.

Grandma asks “Where’s little Johnny?”

The mother replied

“Oh, he’s just busy doing his homework.”

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