Johnny, Aged 7, Came Home. –


Little Johnny, aged 7, came home from school one day and asked his dad:

“Daddy, where do I come from?”

His poor father started sweating, knowing that one day his son would want to know all about ‘it’.

He looked around for his wife to take on the explanation, but she was out at the shops.

It was no good, his father thought.

‘It’s time he knew’ and took the young lad to one side and explained how mummy and daddy met and then married and wanted to produce a baby and, well, you know the rest.

After much awkwardness and embarrassment, after nearly an hour, the dad finally reached the point in the story where his son was born in a hospital.

The young boy’s face just stared back, mouth open and speechless.

“So, tell me, son, why do you ask?”

The boy, still in shock, said.

“Billy Clark in our class, said he was from Brisbane!”

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