It’s Human Pee & Not Chlorine That Makes Your Eyes Turn Red In The Swimming Pool!

It’s human pee, not chlorine, that makes your eyes red in the pool!

Do you always come out of the pool with red eyes? If so, the first reason that comes to mind may be because of the chlorine present in the water, which is added to pools to clean the water and kill bacteria and other harmful germs that are not good for our bodies.

Now, the question arises that the water in swimming pools does not contain chlorine, so what is the reason for red eyes?

We have been living with the misconception that because of the chlorinated water present in the pool, our eyes become red and itchy. But the truth is that it is because of human urine which, when mixed with chlorine, forms chloramines. These chloramines deplete the chlorine present in the water and are not only harmful to our bodies, but also cause our eyes to turn red.

Although many people believe that chloramines can also form when chlorine mixes with human sweat, we now know what the real reason is, don’t we?

So let’s be realistic here. Try to avoid peeing in pools and inform others about this fact as well. This will prevent many from getting red eyes and itchy skin.,

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