Is The Gap Between Your Teeth A Sign Of Good Luck Or Bad Luck? Find Out!

Is The Gap Between Your Teeth A Sign Of Good Luck Or Bad Luck? Find Out!

Gap between teeth – India is known for often relating physical features of a human being with their certain personality, behaviour and luck.

For example, what do the moles on your body mean, what does the shape of your lips or eyes or hands reveal, what your birthday tells and so on? Samudrika shastra is the ancient text that reveals an individual’s character based on their body shape and type. Having a gap between your upper front teeth are also counted in here.

In medical terminologies, this gap between teeth is known as “diastema”, which isn’t a flaw, it’s a normal feature that commonly occurs between the incisors and molars and is primarily caused by the imbalanced relationship of the jaw and the size of the teeth.

In humans, the term is most commonly applied to an open space between the upper incisors (front teeth), which is usually called the ‘gap tooth’ or ‘the lucky gap’.

Here are a few traits that such people prominently own and they should be proud of inheriting them:

Too intelligent

They are considered to be very intellectual. It also means that you have very good creative skills.

Lively and talkative

They are a jabber mouth. They love to talk right through the day.

Healthy eaters

They are considered to be healthy eaters. They love to eat and try their appetites for different types of food.

Confident and courageous

They like to take up risky tasks. Challenges fascinate them.

Beauty and fertility

In many parts of the world like Nigeria, gap tooth is considered to be transparently unique sign while many believe it to be the reflection of high sexual drive and possession of sexual appeal.


Among all the luck in the world, it is said that people with the gap in teeth will have a steady but successful career.

Good with money

It is said that these people know well the tactics of financial management. It also means that they have the ability to be at extreme ends where they can save their money or be a wasteful too.

If you have a gap between your upper front teeth then you must have related yourself to these personas to a far extent. Or if you know somebody with such gap in their teeth, congratulations that you have got to know them better by this article only.

Gap between teeth – On the humorous side, only they know how weirdly funny their tongue-teeth tricks and moves could be. Also, they are less likely to get food stuck in their teeth! Isn’t that amazing how cool could be this distinct feature. Not only they are mysteriously cute, but they have an astonishing signature thing. So no braces and no retainer, just you and your irresistible smile!


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