In efforts to find biological dad, woman unexpectedly finds out her colleague is her brother

After many efforts, Sandi found her biological father, but what makes her happier is the identity of her brother.

Sandi Sandrik, 51, is a nurse living in Arizona, USA with husband Ken, 55, a warehouse driver. Her peaceful childhood of 11 years suddenly changed when a neighbor revealed that Sandi was adopted by her parents.

Source: Sandi Sandrik

Sandi rushed back to ask her mother and learns the truth. Her parents admitted that Sandi’s biological mum, named Anna, was a distant relative of the man she knew as my father.
Despite being young, Sandi was really shocked. She even felt hurt of being an abandoned child.

In 2013, Sandi’s mother passed away and her adoptive father also left her forever 3 years later, which made Sandi very heartbroken. Fortunately, at this time, her children are all grown up. Her husband and children are always there to encourage her.

After her adoptive parents passed away, Sandi received a message from a stranger named Anna. This person claimed to be her mother. In the past, Anna promised not to contact Sandi while her adoptive parents were still alive. So, when they passed away, she immediately contacted Sandi in hope of getting her back.

Source: Sandi Sandrik

Anna said she gave birth to Sandi unexpectedly at the age of 20. Sandi’s biological dad is Gary but her mother always missed another man. She herself did not want to live with Mr. Gary, so she decided to give birth to Sandi and then sent her to her adoptive parents.

Knowing the reason, Sandi accepted her biological mother. However, she didn’t have intention of finding her biological father named Gary.
By 2017, Sandi’s children helped her pay for a DNA test. After receiving the results, Sandi compared her DNA and searched for the results of blood related people.

Thanks to that, Sandi was able to connect with a cousin. This person gave her the Facebook account of Gary’s biological father.

After a lot of hesitation, Sandi decided to text her biological father. However, unfortunately, he did not read her waiting message. And she also gradually forgot about finding her biological father.

Source: Sandi Sandrik

In December 2020, Sandi visited Mr. Gary’s Facebook profile. Unexpectedly, she found a mutual friend with him named Allen. This guy is her colleague.
The next day, when coming back to work at the hospital, Sandi asked Allen why he knew her biological father. After that, Allen was stunned when he said he was Gary’s son.

It turns out that Allen is Sandi’s biological brother. The two hugged each other and cried. Sandi couldn’t believe that the colleague she loved so much was her half-brother.

Mr. Gary and Allen’s mother also divorced early, so Allen did not live with his father. So even as a longtime colleague, Sandi doesn’t know anything about Allen’s father. Until today, everything is clear and Sandi is extremely happy.

Source: Sandi Sandrik

Allen and Sandi became closer. Thanks to Allen, Sandi met her biological father. The siblings and their dad had close and happy photos. But what makes Sandi happy and surprised is probably meeting her biological brother who is a colleague she loves with all her heart.

Source: The Sun

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