In Case He Stopped Calling Or Texting You, Here’s What This Means

Constant communication, messages, and phone conversations are usual between partners; nevertheless, it can get to the point where a guy becomes silent for no reason that the other partner is aware of. There are a variety of reasons why this occurs.

What does it mean when a guy stops calling and texting you? When a guy stops calling or messaging, it could indicate various things. His mind may be preoccupied. Here are some of the key reasons why he hasn’t returned your call.

– He may have lost his job and is going through emotional challenges, and he fears telling you.
– Maybe his attention has strayed elsewhere. Men need ladies who give them full attention and care about them. If a guy finds someone who gives him more attention and care than you do, he can turn it to the other lady.
– He may be dealing with some difficult situations in his life. However, he believes that if he speaks to you, he will not be able to offer you the entire attention you require; therefore, he prefers to remain silent or address the problems on his own.
– He may stop calling or texting because he does not want to make the relationship serious. Some guys date for fun and do not want their current relationship to be so serious because it will reach a time that they will want to move elsewhere.
– He may cut his communication because your behaviour and character do not please him.
– Maybe he lost his phone and did not memorize your number overhead. Though this reason may be rare, it can be the reason he has stopped texting or calling you.
– Maybe he has seen someone better than you, and he is taking his time to convince her, so he has no time to call or text you.
– Maybe you turned down his marriage proposal, and he is receiving pressure from family, friends and relatives for him to get married. He decides to leave you alone and look for a woman elsewhere who is ready for marriage.
– Maybe he’s fed up with calling and messaging all the time. It is accepted that a man’s responsibility is to pursue a woman, but a man also wants you to put out the effort. This is to determine whether you are genuinely interested. If you simply expect a guy to call or text you without doing the same, a man’s interest in you will dwindle. He stops phoning or texting to see whether you respond with a text or a call. –
– Maybe he has accomplished his mission over you. He doesn’t care anymore. Other guys seduce women for sexual favours, and after that, they have nothing left to offer.
– Maybe he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend. He is still thinking about the nice moments he had with his ex, and maybe he is not enjoying them at the moment. He is looking for ways to get back to his ex, and he has no time to text or call you.
– He wants to escape stress. Maybe his lack of texting and calling has nothing to do with your relationship, but he has stress in his life that he wants to eliminate.
– He wants a breakup. By stopping calling and texting, he tries to make it simpler and clear to you that he wants a breakup.
– He wants space. Talking and texting all time may be exhausting; He needs space to focus on his issues. So give him space and wait for him to text you back. Silence can seem like the best course of action.


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