If your wifi signal is weak, this simple trick can be the solution you need

Wow: with this trick you could make your WiFi signal up to three times as strong within minutes!

Sadly, we’re not yet living in an age of ubiquitous high-speed Wi-Fi access—there are still internet black spots hiding in distant basement corners and the edges of the yard where it can be difficult to get on Facebook let alone Netflix.

You could buy a WiFi extender or WiFi booster, but these can be quite expensive. And why would you, when making one yourself is cheap and easy to do! And why would you, when solutions are available. If there’s a problem with weak Wi-Fi somewhere on your property, here are 2 fixes you can try.

Low budget solution

Don’t run off to the store to to buy expensive gadgets. There’s a much cheaper way to boost your WiFi signal if it could do with an improvement. The video below shows someone using an empty beer can to make a WiFi booster in only two minutes. He also shows us the trick really does work! All you need is a pair of scissors and an empty (clean!) beer (or fizzy drink) can. Watch the instructions in the video below!

WiFi extender

This is how you can make your very own WiFi extender. Make sure the can you’re using is dry and clean. Take off the can tab and cut off the underside of the can. Then start cutting off the top, but don’t cut it all the way. Cut the can along the side so you can open it up completely. Put the top of the can over one of the antennas of your router as shown in the video. Repeat with the other extender. The aluminium will extend your wifi signal!

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