If Your Man Doesn’t Possess Half Of These Qualities, He’s Not Your Soul Mate

If Your Man Doesn’t Possess Half Of These Qualities, He’s Not Your Soul Mate

1. Supportive of your passions, goals and decisions

This person is your biggest fan! They believe in you and are very supportive in anything that you do or want to do. They encourage you to chase your goals and dreams and you know that you can always count on them in case you need their help.

2. Shows how much they love you

Regardless if you’re not someone who needs validation or too much affection, your partner should show how much they cherish you and appreciate you, without coming off as being clingy.

3. They would always be willing to compromise

Even if you two have different opinions, they should always be willing to compromise and find a middle ground. They will accept that you might have different way of seeing things or different wants from them, but they are open minded enough to meet you in the middle.

4. Respectful to your family and treats them well

It is hard to overlook if your partner doesn’t care for your family or shows them respect. This is very important since your family is the biggest part of you.

Also, if your partner doesn’t care for meeting them, or spending time with them, then you know what to do.

5. Values and acknowledges your opinions

Your partner doesn’t have to agree with you at all times, but they need to be respectful and value your opinions, no matter how different they might be from theirs.

6. Trustworthy

Even if every other aspect of your relationship might be going great, it is hard for that relationship to keep going strong if one of you doesn’t trust the other one. Problems will only continue to grow bigger if someone is second doubting their partner.

7. They simply bring out the best in you

They shouldn’t focus or bring up your bad qualities; instead, they should tell you about the good ones you have and encourage you to simply want to do better and be a better version of yourself, in a very positive way.

8. Loves you, flaws and all

Perfections and in-perfections; your partner should accept you and love you just the way you are.

9. They open themselves up to you

They should feel comfortable enough to allow themselves to be vulnerable around you. To be able to talk to you about their fears and issues, trusting you enough that they can always confide in you.

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