If Your Man Doesn’t Do These 9 Things, He’s Not Your Forever Person

Finding the guy you’re meant to spend your life with is no easy task. There are lots of good men out there, but you’ll be lucky if you meet even one who’s worth being with for the rest of your life. If you really want to know if he’s the guy you’re meant to grow old with, ask yourself if he does these things for you in your relationship

1.He does not put a mask in front of you

When people are in love they learn how to accept and live with both good and bad things about their partner. And if you are able to show your true self and you feel your partner is comfortable about everything in front of you, it means you are meant to be with each other.

2.He is planning your future together

Your friends, gossip magazines, and commitmentphobic exes might’ve convinced you that you shouldn’t bring up topics like marriage and kids and the future, but that’s BS. The right man will actively bring up topics about the future because he sees one with you.

3.He is the one that catches you when you fall

During the hardest times your partner will be the only person you want to talk to about your day. They are the ones that will understand completely and you know that you can always lean on them. He is the one you come back to after the day no matter how sad or long it seems.

4. He makes an effort with your family and friends

He makes serious efforts to fit in your social circle and to be accepted by your friends. If men are not really into someone they will not even think about this. However, if he consciously helps your family and friends, you can be certain that he wants to be included in your social circle as much as he can.

5. He embarrasses himself just to make you laugh

The male ego is often so big that no man is willing to break it for a woman. Except for the right one. If he tries to act silly when you are sad just to make you laugh, it is a clear sign that he genuinely cares about your feelings.

6.He is honest and if you are hurt but the truth he will hug you immediately

He is aware that you need to know when you are doing something wrong, and even though the truth might hurt he will give you a constructive feedback. This way you will feel better both professionally and personally.

7.He listens

Men, in general, are not good listeners, and it is in their nature. However, a man who loves you will try hard to listen to you and understand how you feel. He will also let you know that he listens by replying or making suggestions if you have a problem that needs to be solved.

8.He respects your decisions

The ideal man will respect you in every aspect of your life such as decisions, personal space, boundaries etc. If he thinks that something is not right for you, he will tell you that and also provide a constructive argument in order to explain to you why.

9.He includes you in his social circle

He invites you when he is going out with this friends and you might even become a regular part of his friend group.

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