If your legs show these signs, you should be worried about high cholesterol

High cholesterol is a common condition all over the world but it can have devastating effects on your health. Approximately 40% of people in the UK is believed to suffer from high cholesterol or borderline high levels.

According to the NHS, the condition is caused by too many fatty substances present in the blood and is typically a result of eating foods high in fat, not exercising and drinking alcohol. North Wales Live claims if you develop this condition, you are more likely to be susceptible to heart problems or a s.t.r.o.k.e .

On its own, high cholesterol does not cause any symptoms, but you may not notice the first ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ sʏᴍᴘᴛᴏᴍs if the fatty substance blocks arteries in your body. When this happens in the legs, five physical signs may emerge, reports the Express. It is then imperative that the signs “should be addressed at the earliest opportunity”.

Illustration image (Image source: express.co.uk)What is cholesterol?

As a fatty substance, Cholesterol is produced by the liver that brings many important health benefits, such as making hormones and building cell membranes.

High cholesterol means you have too much of the “bad” cholesterol. This is known as LDL cholesterol. It clings to the inside of arteries, thereby raising the risk of a blockage that can lead to a heart attack.

Five signs of high cholesterol in your legs

Many people do not realize that their cholesterol levels are rising or falling. Avoid even the slightest problem. Cholesterol, meanwhile, has a detrimental effect on our daily lives. And so it is important to have regular blood tests. At least twice a year, of course. Cholesterol builds up in the leg muscles. Also other problems that occur

1. Holds cramps in the legs

Often cramps in the legs are one of the reasons for the increase in cholesterol. And these cramps are most common in the ankles. The most common problem is sleeping at night. If you have such a problem, sit with your legs dangling. You can get some comfort in it.

2. Leg pain

When cholesterol rises, blood and oxygen cannot reach the legs properly. Especially in the lower part of the foot. With that the legs feel heavy, a little fatigue comes. People who have high cholesterol levels have leg cramps and pain. And this pain is more understandable when you walk. It is very difficult to walk even the smallest distance.

3. Changes in skin and nail color

If there is a problem in blood circulation, the color of the nails also changes. At the same time essential nutrients and oxygen do not arrive properly. This makes the lower part of the foot quite shiny and the nails become thick.

Illustration image

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