If Your Guy Does These 5 Things, He Is Really In Love With You

Stop wondering if he’s really in love with you and know for sure with this list of 5 signs that you’ve won his heart.

It’s pretty black and white, cut and dry, salt and pepper if you ask us, but see what you think.

Once you read this list, you’ll wonder why you didn’t know it before! The signs are so obvious and even if he doesn’t know it yet, you’ll know for sure that he has fallen deeply for you!

1. He never fails to notice the little things

If he is really into you then he will give attention to every little detail. Your happiness is the thing that matters to him the most. In a monotonous world, the little tokens of happiness matter a lot and he can know about the little things that make you happy only if he pays attention to whatever you have to say.

2. He never makes you feel uninvolved or closed off in his life

If you find that you are an important part of most of the decisions that he makes or he doesn’t do anything without asking you then he is the right man for you. He is always very open about his life when it comes to you. He shares all his happiness and sorrows with you and he makes you feel involved and eventually a big part of his life.

3. He dedicates a huge bulk of time for you

You are the most important person to him. No one is as important as you are. If he is there whenever you need him and is there to always console you when no one is around, then he is really into you. There might be a day when you need him badly but he is stuck at work and if he leaves the consequences would be severe but he still comes to stand by you. This is called true love.

4. He leaves no space for you to feel worried

He is always ready to share the hard truths with. If you both are going through a difficult time then he would talk it out rather than running away from having the conversation. He would talk and be very open about where he is or how his day went just to keep your mind at ease. He would treat your problems as his own and never let you worry about a single thing.

5. He has mastered the art of non-verbal communication with you

Chemistry and emotional bond that he has formed with you is rare and unparallel. He can look at your face and figure out how your day went. He understands when you are lying to him. If something makes you happy and you are having problems in getting it, one look is enough for him to get it for you. There exists a natural synergy between the two of you and it seems to work out pretty well.

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