If You Want True Love, NEVER Date These 5 Types Of Men Under Any Circumstances

If You Want True Love, NEVER Date These 5 Types Of Men Under Any Circumstances

1. The center of the universe

He makes it clear that he loves himself more than anyone else, including you. He will always put your needs before his own and will never ask you what your preferences, passions, or interests are. He will hardly agree to be self-centered but will claim that it is self-love.
Someone who cares so much about his own self is much less likely to care about his happiness.

2. The ᴜɴғᴀɪᴛʜғᴜʟ

You cannot have a healthy relationship with an unfaithful man or player. He is always protective of his phone, is never really honest about his location, and always avoids introducing you to his family or friends, that’s how you can recognize him.

3. The gold digger

When a man is just starting out in life or has had a hard blow later in his life, he may be a bit financially unstable. It’s okay to be on his side on these points if you are involved with him. However, if a man is not financially stable and makes no effort to be so, then any permanent or long-term relationship with him should be avoided.

4. The ᴄᴏɴᴛʀᴏʟ ғʀᴇᴀᴋ

Relationships are not about power or control – they are about cooperation and collaboration. For this reason, a man or woman who is a control freak is incapable of building a healthy relationship with an equal and should be avoided.

5. He has no idea what He want to do with his life

Men need to figure out their life’s purpose or at least find a job they don’t hate before they are ready to put the effort into a serious relationship with you. These guys can be a bit scattered as they are desperately trying to figure out who they are.

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