If you pick your nose, you should probably stop now. Here’s how dangerous it can be

Whenever we feel an Ꭵtch or scratch, the majorᎥty of us wᎥll stᎥck our fᎥngers up our noses. But dᎥd Ꭵt ever occur to you that Ꭵt mᎥght actually be dangerous? Read on to fᎥnd out why you mᎥght want to thᎥnk twᎥce before goᎥng after that next booger…

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1. It can cause infection.

​Your fingernails, especially if they are longer or if you are rough with your nose-picking, can cut the tissue in your nose, which can cause bacteria to collect there and cause infections. According to this study, people who pick, poke, or rub their noses risk spreading pneumonia-causing bacteria. It spreads no matter if it is dry or wet, and good hand hygiene is crucial if we want to protect ourselves and others from this.

2. It can lead to illnesses.

​The mucus in your nose catches all kinds of bacteria and viruses you breathe in, and when you pick your nose you get them all over your hands. Getting all those germs on your hands leads to spreading the bacteria from your nose and hands onto surfaces in your environment. According to this study, nose-pickers can spread the bacterium that causes pneumonia.

3. It can damage the nasal cavity.

​If you pick your nose very frequently and for long periods of time, you risk damaging your nasal tissue. This study found that people who pick their noses a lot may suffer from inflammation and swelling of the nasal tissue, which could eventually narrow the nostril openings.

4. It can cause nosebleeds.

​Picking your nose could rupture blood vessels inside your nose and cause you to have a nosebleed.

5. It can cause septum damage.

​The septum is the barrier between the 2 nostrils, dividing them. Picking your nose often may damage the septum and even cause a hole in it, also known as a perforated septum.

6. It can cause sores.

​Picking your nose can cause nasal vestibulitis, which can develop painful scabs. Not only that, but when you pick your nose you could pluck little nose hairs out of their follicles, and small pimples can form in them.

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