If you have any of these items in the fridge, then you need to take them out right now

Do you ever feel like your fridge seems to be getting smaller and smaller? Well, it’s probably because you’re putting things in there that you probably shouldn’t. Many Americans make the mistake of putting everything they get from the grocery store into the fridge, not knowing that it will actually k-i-l-l the flavor of many foods.

By removing these items from your fridge, you not only free up space, but you also improve the taste and quality of the items that should be stored at room temperature.

Here’s a list of what you shouldn’t be putting your refrigerator.

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1) Potatoes

Potatoes don’t like being cold. It turns their starches into sugar, which will ruin their flavor.

2) Tomatoes

Refrigerating tomatoes will actually turn them mushy and ruin their natural flavor.

3) Onions

Onions will lose all their flavor when refrigerated. Keep these guys out of the fridge for the best taste.

4) Garlic

This is a similar case like with onions. A fridge will make the garlic lose its main properties, and it will make everything smell like garlic… Bottom line, don’t keep the garlic in a fridge.

5) Apples

You should keep apples in the room temperature to keep them fresh instead of keeping them in the fridge. A fridge will kill off their flavor.

6) Melons

You should keep sliced melons in the fridge. This is only for the whole melons before you cut them into slices. A fridge will kill all the antioxidants there are in whole melons.

7) Fruits Like Peaches, Plums, etc

So, fruits need fresh air and sunshine. That is why all the fruits could lose its taste after spending some time in the fridge. They need sunshine and air in order to remain (or become) sweet and juicy.

8) Avocado

Is your avocado not ripening fast enough? That’s because it’s in the fridge. Putting an unripe avocado on the counter is a much more effective idea. It will ripen so much faster, but if you really want to speed up the process, then put it in a bag with a banana or apple.

9) Baked Goods

Storing baked goods will actually cause them to go stale. Counter-intuitive right? Keep food like bread and cookies outside to maintain their freshness.

10) Bread

Bread is best kept at room temperature in a sealed plastic bag. Storing bread in the fridge actually speeds up the dehydration process, making the bread go stale faster.

11) Peanut Butter

Peanut butter doesn’t need to be refrigerated at all. It can be kept in the cabinet for months without spoiling, unless it’s organic.

12) Rice

Only store rice in the fridge if it’s cooked. Dry rice can last in canisters or plastic bags for years without issue.

13) Ground Coffee

While you should keep coffee beans cool, don’t keep them in the fridge! It will create moisture, which will turn your beans bad and cause them to lose their taste. And the last thing you need to start your day is bland coffee. Store it in a tightly-sealed container to retain flavor.

14) Hot Sauce

You know that shelf where you store all your hot sauces? You shouldn’t be doing that. The cold weakens the flavor of hot sauces, which is the whole point of them. It also changes the viscosity, which makes it more difficult to pour.

Storing honey in the refrigerator will make it crystalize and hard. Don’t ruin your honey by leaving it in the fridge and instead, keep it outside. It has a longer shelf life than you think.

15) Spices

Chill k.ills. Keeping spices in the fridge will kill their flavor, which is kinda the whole point of spices.

After you read this article, go straight to your fridge and start refrigerating the right way. Your foods (and taste buds) will thank you.

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