If You Aren’t Feeling These 12 Things In Your Relationship, It Isn’t True Love

When it comes to finding a long-term relationship, one must be dedicated and have a positive love-life with their partner. Here are 12 telltale signs that your love is genuine.


1. Romantic love

We all know the feeling. We meet, we connect, we fall in love. When we’re in it our world is turned upside down. We’d rather be with our beloved than eat, sleep, or work. We feel on top of the world when our love is returned and crash to the depths if it looks like our love is threatened.

2. The Desire To Merge.

As cheesy as this sounds, when two worlds collide, they often turn into one inclusive space. In the course of knowing each other, and co-habiting, you’ll realize that you’ve taken up similar patterns, likes, and dislikes. You will gradually rub off on each other, and that’s a beautiful process to witness.

3. It’s us against the world

We no longer feel alone. We are now part of a pair. We feel the power of two and the joy of being us. We’re still in the world, but the world seems like the background. We two are the center and the world is there to support and embrace us.

4. Longing to create

The primal creation, the reason we are each here, is that a man and a woman came together and an intrepid sperm was welcomed by a wondrous egg and we were launched into life. But in a world with too many people, we also create art, music, home, healing, and other gifts for humankind.

5. Disillusionment.

Love isn’t always going to be butterflies and snowflakes. Sometimes, it’s going to be wet towels on the bed, slippers strewn on the floor, and calls going unanswered. But that is just as much a part of love, as all the wonderful things. You can’t have the good without the bad.

6. Incompatibility

Incompatibility is grounds for true love. When we become disillusioned with our partner, we often feel we’ve become incompatible. But when we recognize that disillusionment can mean letting go of illusions, we can also let go of believing that incompatibility is a bad thing. It actually allows us to learn where our wounds have been hiding.

7. Discovering our wounded selves

In looking away from our partner, we are forced to look within. We feel the pain of the trauma we all experienced growing up in families that didn’t adequately meet our needs. We recognize that we were hoping that our partner would make us whole. We were looking for true love in all the wrong places.

8. Embracing Illness.

“For better, or for worse” right?

Falling ill isn’t a taboo. When that happens to you in a relationship, it tells you a lot about your SO. You’ll notice how they take care of you, remain concerned about you, check up on you, and try to make life easier.

9. Learning The Mathematics Of True Love And Addictive Love.

½ x ½ = ¼. This is the equation for addictive love. The more we stay with them, the less of ourselves we retain. We treat them like our oxygen. When they become a supplement but not the only thing our life depends on, then it’s true love. 1+1=Infinity.

10. Turning back towards our lover and committing to being real

Being real is not sweetness and light. It is passionate, painful and creative — much like making a baby and giving birth. Being real requires being part of a pair. Self-actualization is not something we do by ourselves.

11. Letting go of fear

All our unhappiness and illnesses are fear-based. We’re afraid of losing what we have or not getting what we need. We always have two choices. Do we feed the fear or do we feed the love? Whichever one we feed gets stronger.

12. Accepting that real, lasting love is a journey, not a destination

Real, lasting love is something we create every minute of every day. It’s the most difficult thing we do in our lives. It is also the simplest. But simple isn’t always easy. Learning to love is the graduate school of life. Admission is free but will cost you everything you have. Are you ready for the journey?

Sources: themindsjournal.com, dailypositiveinfo.com

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