If you are suffering suffering from constipation, bloating and gases, press this spot to solve your problems in less than 1 minute


As a totally old method that has been used for lots of years in China, acupressure technique uses the same concepts as acupuncture and the result is the identical too – it promotes relaxation, wellbeing and treats sickness.

This technique can help you take away constipation and bloating in much less than 1 minute. The method is quite simple and all you need to do is follow these steps:

– Step 1: Find this spot. It is placed two finger widths beneath the navel
– Step 2: Start to massage it for 1 minute

When you massage this point, it helps in relieving pain in the stomach and the lower back, constipation, and digestive troubles.

You can push this point with your fingertips. If the pressure of fingertip is too much, you can just press with your palm. Press this point for one minute and concentrate on deep breathing.

You will notice the results right now, you will rid of constipation and bloating in a few minutes!

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