If You Are In Habit Of Shaving Your Face? Here Is What You Need To Know About Shaving Your Face

Almost every woman are always on a neverending quest for smooth facial skin. Recently, shaving has definitely become the fastest and easiest way to get rid of peach fuzz and get smoother skin.

However, is it okay to shave your face? Is it safe? Won’t it make the hair grow back thicker? You will have the answers to all these questions in the article below!

Is It Okay For Women To Shave Their Face?

Shaving your arms, legs, armpits, and pubic hair is quite common practice. But most women still think twice before shaving their face and opt for waxing instead. Why? Well, there are a few different reasons.

The majority of us grew up with the notion that shaving will make the hair grow back coarser and thicker.

Let us clear something up – shaving will not make your facial hair grow back faster, coarser, or darker. That’s a myth!

Shaving has no effect on the number of hair follicles in your skin or their growth rate. Even Huda Kattan, beauty blogger and founder of Huda Beauty, swears by facial shaving. (You can check out her YouTube video that has over 4 million views).

Hence, there is no harm in shaving your face. But if you are still not convinced, listed below are a few more reasons that can change your mind.

Facial Shaving: Reasons You Should Go For It

1. It Is Good For Your Skin
Shaving removes not only the baby hair on your skin but also the excess debris and dead skin cells. That is why shaved facial skin looks brighter and lighter.

2. It Is Simple And Easy
Shaving is simpler than plucking individual hairs with a thread or tweezers. It is also not painful like waxing. You can do it quickly in the comfort of your home, and it is cheap as well.

3. It Promotes Better Absorption Of Products
By clearing the dead skin cells and debris from your face, shaving also unclogs your skin pores. This allows your skin to absorb more of your skin care products. Whenever you shave your face, slather it with vitamin E oil, aloe vera, or any other skin care product with active ingredients and antioxidants for better results.

4. Makeup Application Becomes A Breeze
You will love how smoothly foundation glides on your shaved face. This is also the secret behind the flawless makeup looks sported by beauty bloggers. When you shave your face, you create a smoother canvas for your foundation, concealer, and other makeup products. Makeup also sticks better to your skin and looks more flawless.

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