If He is Doing These Things, He Doesn’t Love You Enough

If He is Doing These Things, He Doesn’t Love You Enough

1. He doesn’t care enough to make up after a fight:

It is normal to have fights between every couple and even sleep overnight with it so that you both calm down but if you notice your man is sleeping off, switching off his cell phone and ignoring you at the cost of your sleepless restless nights then this is an alarm sign. You might notice yourself calling him, texting him, getting frustrated, weeping just so you can resolve the issue whereas he just ignores you till he is in a mood to talk.You will be breaking your head but he will be going on with his life as if nothing happened.A guy who loves you will equally be restless to make up and be upset to see you upset.He will not ignore you.

2. He’s Hiding Things

He starts to hide things from you only when he knows that if he will tell you about it you will not really spare him. There is no enough love when he tries to hide things from you. Every relationship is formed on the foundation of trust. But hiding things mean that you don’t trust your partner much.

3. He never says sorry when he messes up

Everyone makes mistakes and the right thing to do is leave your ego aside and say sorry for the sake of your relationship and for the sake of love.But if he doesn’t care enough he will not say sorry even though it is outright his mistake.He will say things like “this is just how I am “, ” it is not a big deal” or ” don’t make a mountain of a mole hill”.In the end, he will make you feel guilty about making it an issue rather than him feeling apologetic.

4. He doesn’t introduce you or involves you with family and family matters

Unlike women, unless a man is sure of a girl or sure that he can support her in all ways, he will avoid introducing her to his family to avoid any complications.This does not mean he never will.Even after a year of dating, if a man hardly mention his family or tell them about you, maybe he is not that sure about you.

5. He never brings up the topic of future and avoids when you do

He never discusses what the future could hold for the two of you.If you mention it, he gets annoyed, changes the topic or says we will talk later and never does.If your man does this often, he is not that into you.A man who loves you will make sure you know how serious he is about you.He will assure you even if you do not expect it and not get angry if you bring the topic of future and commitment.

6. He criticizes you and lowers your self-esteem

If you often find yourself low on self-esteem and confidence around your man, criticisedif you feel you are always trying too hard to please him or if he says things that make you feel bad about yourself then you are not with the right person.

7. He wants to go out alone more than he wants to be with you

He is not a keeper if he makes plans on his own most of the time and does not involve you.He avoids clubbing with you, does not take time off for you, meets you only when he has not much to do or when it is convenient for him even though you are always going out of your way to meet him and his needs.

8. He doesn’t care enough to know more about your life and family

He never enquires about how your work is treating you, how your family is doing.He never insists to know if your family knows about him and what they think about him.He gets impatient when you rant about your day or problems.He prefers talking about himself, his thoughts rather than listening to yours.

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