If he does these 5 things with you, no doubt, he madly loves you

As a woman, it can be hard to know if your man loves you. It’s not that he won’t tell you — but just because he says “I love you” doesn’t mean much.

Men are different than women in many ways and one of the most obvious is how they express their feelings. If you’re wondering what a man will do if he really loves you, then this article is for you! Well, if he does these 5 things with you, no doubt, he madly loves you

1. He communicates with you

He doesn’t keep quiet; he keeps an open and honest conversation going at all times. He not only tells you what he wants, but he also understands and respects your boundaries.

He then asks you what you don’t want, what you don’t want to explore, and how far you’re willing to go.

He does this to show that he respects you and is not willing to cross any boundaries that can cause problems in your relationship.

2. He stays by your side

He doesn’t just rest and then restart the passionate moment. He also cuddles up to you and expresses his love for you.

He even offers to provide you with what you require, such as water, cleaning, bathing together, resting in each other’s arms, or food.

He stays with you because he cares about you and wants to prove to you that you are more than a passing fancy.

3. He enjoys providing you with feedback

He is always prepared to listen to you and understand what you enjoy the most or what you require.
He even opens up in a more emotional way, preferring to listen and understand what you didn’t like.

He understands that it isn’t a criticism or a complaint, but rather something that will help you enjoy the moment more.

4. He wants you to be true to yourself

To put it another way, he doesn’t need to see other women or appear to be someone else in order for you to entice him. He doesn’t even watch erotica to turn himself on.

He adores you and that one-of-a-kind moment. As a result, he desires to be with you and only you.

He doesn’t even want you to change anything about yourself; he thinks you’re perfect the way you are.

5. He prioritizes your happiness

He makes sure that you always feel good, and he wants you to enjoy it. This is why he will prioritize your happiness.

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