I Never Thought That My Diabetes Will Disappeared And My Husband’s Kidneys Would Be Cured By This

I Never Thought That My Diabetes Will Disappeared And My Husband’s Kidneys Would Be Cured By This

Chayote is a plant that is used as a vegetable to prepare some of our delicious dishes in the kitchen and is also known as chayote.

Advantages of chayote for your body

This vegetable, although it is mainly used for the culinary business, has amazing properties that we can take advantage of if we consume it. Chayote has the power to regenerate our cells since it is rich in antioxidants.

If you don’t know how to prepare it the right way to take advantage of its properties that improve our health, here are some recipes that go a long way if we want to treat diabetes.

Chayote and pineapple juice

Making a juice based on these ingredients will help you regulate your blood sugar levels, which will also help you improve the problems that come with diabetes of any kind.

Preparation: Boil the chayotes until they spear and extract the pulp and let them cool, then put them in a blender with some pineapple slices until you get a smoothie. Drink the juice when it is cold. Take half a glass on an empty stomach.

This recipe also works for diabetes.

Preparation: Take the chayote pulp and liquefy it with 1 cup of coffee and consume it daily.

Chayote, tuna, and lemon juice

Take the pulp of 3 Chayote, the juice of 1 lemon and 2 chopped peeled pears, and process in a blender or a juice extractor and store the result in a bottle.

Take this juice every morning for 1 month.

You should know that it can also be used for beauty treatments thanks to the amino acids and collagen that have helped regenerate the skin.

Take 1 chayote and put it in 2 halves. Rub both halves with each other until you get a kind of paste, add olive oil and mix until everything is united.

Apply at night and rinse the next day, which is when you will remove it with soap and water.

Put these recipes into practice with chayote and improve your health. Don’t forget to share.

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