Husband Emails Wife a List Detailing Every Time She Refused To “Sleep” with Him

Marriage isn’t easy and everyone one of us heard the saying ‘marriage is work’ at least once. And yes, once the honeymoon stage is over, it’s not so easy to maintain a fulfilling and wholesome relationship, but there must be certain red flags that obviously show that the relationship isn’t working the way it should be. If so, what are those red flags? Is lack of romance and intimacy a red flag? What about a passive-aggressive excel spreadsheet displaying all of the days you refused to sleep with your partner?

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A woman was surprised by her husband just before she left for a work trip. She took to Reddit to tell the story of what her husband did to her. Here’s the full story:

The excel sheet he attached displayed all the times he was trying to be intimate with her but she refused

This post quickly received a lot of attention online with people having all sorts of different reactions to it. How about you? What do you think?

Source: Reddit

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