Husband Cleans Out Home And Finds Note His Late Wife Hid About A Son He Never Knew He Had

Wife dies so husband clears cabinets – then he finds a letter revealing her shattering secret

The kind of sadness that ensues when one partner dies after 50 years of marriage cannot be described. “What should I do now?” Is a question that certainly many elderly find themselves asking.

When 80-year-old Tony Tripani’s wife passed away after 50 years of marriage, his emptiness was overwhelming. At age 80, he found himself devastated and alone.

But following his wife’s death, Tony discovered a hidden letter which would reveal a secret that changed everything.

A man discovered that he had a 61-year-old son he had never met – after he found a letter his wife had hidden in a drawer for 55 years.

The letter had been sent to Tony Trapani, 81, by an ex-lover in 1959 – but his wife, who could not have children, had hidden it.

Trapani found it while cleaning out a filing cabinet after his wife’s death – and immediately tracked down his son, 61-year-old Samuel Childress.

Childress said that he had always believed his father wanted nothing to do with him.

The letter said, ‘I have a little boy. He is five years old now. What I’m trying to say, Tony, is he is your son. He was born November 13th, 1953.’

Trapani told Fox17, “Why my wife didn’t tell me, I don’t know. She wanted children. She couldn’t have any. She tried and tried.”

“He’s my son that I’ve had my whole life, but why my wife hid that letter is beyond me,” he added.

When the s.h.o.c.k had subsided, Tony’s life had new meaning: he would try to find his son.

After searching at length, Tony found his son using Facebook. According to Metro, the reunion was understandably emotional – especially since the son had believed his father had had wanted nothing to do with him all those years!

This story shows that life can offer us incredible twists and turns when we least expect them! 81-year-old Tony’s life suddenly had new meaning – please share if you were also touched by his incredible fate.


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