How Victoria Principal looks at 71

Victoria Principal turned 71 today and looking at the pictures of this goddess we all can agree she’s an ageless beauty.

She had us glued to our screens when she played the iconic role as Pamela Barnes Ewing; I never got tired of the series just for the pleasure of seeing her on my screen.

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Victoria during her career days has always been multi-niche; she was practically almost everywhere in the entertainment industry ranging from an iconic actress‚ a producer‚ an author and at some points was also a skincare entrepreneur.

Victoria grew up in different places and she always tried to adapt wherever she found herself. She was born on January 3‚ 1950‚ in Japan. She spent her first months on earth in Japan as her father who was the United States Air Force Sergeant was stationed in the city of Fukuoka.

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She also grew up around other places like England‚ Puerto Rico‚ Massachusetts‚ and Florida. During her childhood‚, she spent her childhood moving around series of U.S. Air Forces bases.

Victoria’s Principal has a lot to say about her childhood‚ she went to 17 different schools during her primary years. A source also stated that she has a very complicated relationship with her mother Ree Principal. Victoria always described her childhood as miserable and she never wished for it to end.

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At the age of 5 Victoria was already working for a television commercial. We all thought she has decided on her career until she enrolled into Miami Dade Community College in 1968 to study medicine‚ but then life had other plans for her.

 Few months before completing her first year in college she was involved in a car crash; she had to spend months in rehab and missed a lot in school. She had to move to New York to pursue a career in acting as she had to take first-year studies again if she remained in medicine.

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Victoria Principal sure had great acting skills and it didn’t take long before she became a hot ticket in Hollywood.

In 1975‚ she collapsed during the halfway shoot of the action film Vigilante Force.  She said she was unhappy and have been going through the stress of trying to live up to a perfect image.

She moved away from acting and became a talent agent, but it all didn’t last for long as she came to the big screen again and landed the role of Pamela Barnes Ewing.


Her life today seems to be moving perfectly well and at the age of 71, she still looks like she never aged for a moment.

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