How to quickly remove the smell of sweat from clothes without washing them

Without using antiperspirants, then the smell of sweat on clothes is an inevitable phenomenon at any time of the year.

The fact is that a person sweats both in hot summer and in winter, when you often have to wear a warm pullover.

As a result, there’s is a smell that is quite difficult to remove. However, there’s a popular trick that allows you to quickly solve the problem.

To do this, you do not even have to turn on the washing machine.

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What you need:

– Vodka
– A spray bottle

It’s no secret that alcoholic beverages are bad for your health. However, in cases where the liquid is used for domestic purposes, and not ingested, it can be beneficial.

This will happen in our situation: it is vodka that will help remove the smell of sweat from clothes.

You will need one more thing – a spray bottle. This is where the vodka will need to be poured.

Sprinkle a little alcohol on the sweat-soaked area of the clothing.

After some time, the liquid will completely evaporate. This will also remove the bad smell.

This will happen quite quickly: if you use a airbrush in the evening, then in the morning you can safely put on clothes.


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