How to know if your guy is only interested in your body

You want to be his bae, but you’re starting to strongly suspect you’re just his booty call. Some men are skilled at making you feel special, up until the point where they get what they want.

Any guy with half a brain isn’t going to make it super obvious from the start that he’s only after one thing. That means a skilled player is going to be charming, seductive and clever in his approach.

So, how do you know if a guy only wants to get in your pants? Here are 6 very strong signs that he wants you for your body and not a lot else.

1. He only ever compliments you on your looks.

He doesn’t really notice much about you other than how you look. He doesn’t really compliment you on your personality; on your work ethic or resilience. He doesn’t talk about your sensitivity, emotionality, or your empathy. He is always just taking notice of how you look. Anything beyond that doesn’t really interest him.

2. He has a tendency to send you a lot of dirty texts and messages.

He’s constantly trying to get you in the mood. Yes, it’s important to keep the passion and intensity in a relationship alive. It’s always nice to be playful with your partner. However, it’s a different thing entirely when it seems to be the only thing that he is capable of talking about when he’s with you.

3. He always incorporates s3x into his conversations with you.

Somehow, he can’t seem to have any serious conversations with you without incorporating s3x or innuendo in it. He’s always just so effervescent and capricious whenever he deals with you. You feel like he always has s3x on his mind, and that’s because he sees you as nothing more than a s3xual object.

4. He gets upset whenever you refuse to have s3x with him.

He should always be respectful of your body. And if you’re not in the mood for s3x, he has no right to be imposing his will on you.

5. He rushes through foreplay.

He doesn’t care much about the buildup. He doesn’t care much about pleasing you. He doesn’t care much about the entire process as a whole. He just wants to get things over with and then leave. He wants to go straight to the point because he doesn’t really see any other purpose with you.

6. He leaves right after s3x.

The mission has been accomplished. The task has been completed. He has gotten everything over with and now it’s time for him to leave. You know that he is ONLY in it for the s3x if he just bolts right after he does the deed. He doesn’t want to engage in pillow talk at all.


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