How to Kiss a Man in a Way to Be Never Forgotten

A premonition of intimacy, an anticipation of happiness – it’s all about kissing. Invented a lot of his techniques. In order to impress your beloved, try to unite them and act on all the senses. Despite the seemingly natural desire of people to kiss, culture, traditions and social norms of behavior have made their own corrections. At the same time, no one and nothing prevents us from improving our own kissing technique to kiss with pleasure, unforgettably, to trembling and pleasant dizziness. Many films are remembered to people thanks to impressive kisses. Just remember the legendary film “Gone with the Wind”, which is associated by many people with a beautiful couple of Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh.

But to make a kiss unforgettable you can use a few simple tips. Scroll down to learn the details.

1. Do something with your hands.

Never leave your hands simply hanging. You can hug your partner around his neck when you are kissing him or touch his hair. Also, you can touch his face and make sure that you change the position of your hands often.

2. Create an atmosphere.

If you plan to spend an evening with your partner, make sure that you pay attention only to him. Don’t get distracted by your phone. You can also create a romantic atmosphere by dimming the lights and lighting up some candles.

3. Watch your breath.

Nobody wants to kiss a person who has eaten onions or smells too heavily on perfume or sweats a lot. Thus, make sure that you shower, use deodorant and light perfume and don’t eat anything spicy or smelly.

4. Breathe through your nose

If you breathe through your nose when you kiss, your partner will enjoy kissing more and your kiss will last longer. Thus, if you are used to breathing through your mouth, you should practice how to switch it when you are kissing with someone.


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