How to get a boiled egg within one minute

Maybe everyone wants a boiled egg within a minute. But how will you do? We are here to help you? 

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It’s great to have a boiled egg for breakfast to start the day. But these days, with everyone always being in a hurry, we want our eggs to be done as quickly as possible. Waiting for 10 minutes while you have to be getting ready for work? Nope, that takes way too long! Luckily, that’s a thing of the past if you follow this tip we share today. You’ll have yourself a boiled egg within a minute!

How to boil an egg within one minute

You only need a few simple things: a small microwave safe bowl, water, a microwave and, of course… an egg.

Step 1: Fill the bowl with a layer of warm water and crack the egg into it
Step 2: Put the bowl with the egg into the microwave for one minute (at 800 Watts)
Step 3: Take the bowl out of the microwave again
Please be careful because it might be a bit hot to the touch
Step 4: Use a spoon to get out the egg and enjoy

Yeah, you’ve got yourself a boiled egg within a minute!

How to store egg

Maybe you don’t know eggs shouldn’t be kept into the refrigerator door. According to, that’s because you frequently open and close the fridge door, which means eggs that are kept there undergo sudden changes in temperature. This means eggs might go bad quicker than they would if you placed them elsewhere within the fridge. The best place to keep them is at the back of the fridge. You also should keep them in their original carton, because placing them in the egg rack in the fridge door can cause the eggs to crack when you boil them.


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