How Quickly Can You Spot The Mistake? Only 1 In 5 Viewers Could See The Error!

In today’s challenge, you will be asked to solve two high IQ puzzles that will put your visual skills and logical thinking to the test.

Let’s get started! Take a close look at the picture below and see what you can find out about the lady in pink.

Your job is to find the error as fast as possible. While some viewers manage to spot the mistake in just a few seconds, others struggle to see what’s wrong for several minutes.

As you can see, the picture puzzle revolves around a lady who’s trying on her new clothes and accessories. Perhaps that’s where our mistake hides?

Or not… We suggest you keep on looking!

If you’re still struggling with the answer, we’re here to help you. Focus on the mirror to solve the mystery? Do you spot anything unusual in the reflection?

As it happens, the reflection is completely off and this is not how the lady’s arms should look like!

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