How Quickly Can You Solve This Simple Math Problem?

How fast do you think you can solve this equation?

Most people would either get the answers 58 or 10. Take a minute to try to solve it on your own and see if you’re with the majority, or you got something different.

The truth is, either of these answers can be correct. Because parenthesis comes first according to the order of operations, you may have followed this rule to arrive at your answer of “10”.

However, the parenthesis can also be seen as multiplication since there’s only one number in it. So, while calculators may see it this way and come up with 58 as the answer, if you follow the rules strictly, you end up with 10 as your solution.

So did you enjoy solving this math problem? If it was a challenge for your mind, be sure to share it with others so that their brains can get a workout, too.

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