How Many Hippos Are Hiding In This Picture? 99% Of People CAN’T Spot All Of Them!

Hippo here, hippo there, find them all and win a bear.

This time, we’re back with an optical illusion that will blow your mind. Your job is to take a close look at the picture above and find as many hippopotamuses as your eyes allow.

Though you may only take notice of nine animals at first glance, keep in mind that there are many more hidden somewhere in the picture. While some are hiding behind their family members, others are still very tiny and therefore much harder to spot.

How many hippos have you found so far? We suggest you take another look before checking out the solution below.

The majority of people fail to spot all of the hippos simply because they rush too much!

The answer to this challenge is 20. Yes, there are twenty hippos in the picture! In case you find this hard to believe, feel free to have another look or check the picture below.

Do you think finding the hippos was hard? Well, here comes another similar task, perhaps one even harder than the one before!

This time, you’re searching for dolphins. Again, some of the animals thought it would be fun to hide and it’s up to you to figure out how many tricksters are hiding in the picture.

Focusing on details is key to solving this one, and we can tell you that your answer will be wrong if you don’t take your time!

The answer is 17. There are 17 dolphins in the picture. Perhaps you got 16 because you forgot to take into account the one hiding in the stack of three dolphins?

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