How Many Animals Can You Spot In This Picture? 9 In 10 People Can’t Find The Last Hidden Animal

If you love animals and puzzles that challenge your mind then you’ve come to the right place.

We have a very special challenge in store for you that will put your eyes and brain to the ultimate test. Your job is to check out the picture below and count all of the animals that you can see!

If your task sounds simple, think again! Though some animals, such as the elk and the bison, are pretty easy to spot, others are well hidden in the picture.

Take another close look at the photo, which was originally shared by Midwest National Parks, before letting us know how many animals you managed to find and how much time it took you to do so.

Do you see 8 animals? Or perhaps 10? If that’s the case, you better take another look at the picture! As it happens, there are 12 animals hidden somewhere in the pic!

If you’re tired of searching for them, check out the picture below for the solution.

Let us know if you managed to spot all of the animals on your own and how long that took you. Perhaps you also took notice of some additional animals that aren’t mentioned here?

If you liked this challenge, here’s another puzzle for you to solve. Look closely at the picture below and tell us who the alien is!

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