How Fast Can You Spot The Mistake In This Picture? 9 In 10 People Couldn’t See It!

Unlock your hidden investigation skills and prove yourself to your friends by solving a picture puzzle that’s been baffling netizens.

Take a close look at the picture above and just think about it for a moment.

Do you see a campsite in the middle of the forest? You probably also noticed that the fire is burning and that there’s a kettle resting on top of it. But can you spot the mistake?

You’re likely already thinking about that fire and how unprotected the surroundings are. You’re right, the fire does pose a threat and it’s not properly contained. But that’s not the mistake you’re looking for.

Your job this time is to find another mistake – or should we say something that couldn’t possibly be there.

There’s an element in the picture that makes it wrong and unrealistic. Can you spot it? If you’re ready to give up, check out the solution below!

How long did it take you to notice a bunch of birch logs? This is a pine forest and those birch logs have no business here.

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