How Fast Can You Find The ONE-EYED JACK In This Deck?

Hey brainteaser enthusiasts, we have a challenging puzzle for you to solve!

Are you up for the challenge? If you are, then let’s go!

In the brainteaser image below, there is a hidden one-eyed Jack of Spades.

A quick look might not reveal where the one-eyed Jack of Spades is hidden, but take a closer look at the cards beneath the top layer and you might have more luck!

If you are struggling to find it, here’s a hint for you: the faces of the Jack of Spades, Jack of Hearts, and King of Diamonds are all shown in profile, so only one eye is visible. All the other cards show two eyes.

Did you see it? If you do, congratulations! You did a great job and passed the challenge!

For those who did not spot the one-eyed Jack of Spades, you may check the solution below:

The Solution 

The one-eyed Jack of Spades is in fact tucked behind a Queen and Jack of Hearts towards the left-hand side of the brainteaser image.

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