Homemade Pregnancy Test With Shampoo, Salt, Sugar and Toothpaste

If you’re afraid of buying pregnancy test, try homemade pregnancy test with shampoo salt sugar and toothpaste.

Even women nowadays find it suitable to check their pregnancy themselves rather than going to the doctor and take a test there. They find it safe and secure to take the test themselves, at their home. Their privacy is not disturbed and the tests obtained are within the reach. The results obtained by the advanced digital tests and the manual ones are easy to read and convenient to interpret.

Home-made tests are reliable as well, but for complete confirmation, you ultimately have to make a visit to a health clinic. Home-made pregnancy tests are easy to make as all the materials required can be found at your home very easily. They actually work, and you can test them yourself.

Above all, they are reliable, easy to make and require low input of income.

These tests are also beneficial for the women or girls, who have unprotected s.e.x and are afraid to ask out for a pregnancy test in the market due to social and intellectual issues.

1. Homemade Pregnancy Test with Shampoo

It’s natural to be curious for a woman to know whether she is expecting or not when she crosses the period date by one or two weeks.

So the DIY test with the help of shampoo is relatively easy to do at zero cost, and it will give you a quick result.


– Step 1: Take one teaspoonful of your shampoo and a small amount of water in a clean container and stir it to form a foamy mixture.

– Step 2: Collect your morning urine in a clean bowl or jar.

– Step 3: Add the urine with the shampoo and wait for 2 to 3 minutes.


If there is any sign of forming foam or forth on the upper surface of the solution, it is a positive sign of pregnancy.

If the solution remains unchanged, it indicates a negative result.

2. Homemade Pregnancy Test With Sugar

It’s an essential kitchen ingredient and, at the same time, proper to test pregnancy primarily at home. It is readily soluble in the liquid.


– One tablespoon of sugar granule in a clean cup or bowl.

b- Sample of first-morning urine collected in a clean and small glass jar.


– Step 1: All you have to do is pour one tablespoon of sample urine in the sugar.

– Step 2: Wait for some time to see the changes.


a) If you find the sugar granule getting dissolved in the urine, then it’s negative. You are not pregnant.

b): If the sugar is forming a lump instead of dissolving, it confirms pregnancy.

3.Homemade Pregnancy Test with Salt

Salt is a white crystalline substance and well-known for food seasoning and preserving. Apart from this, it shows the wonderful result to detect the presence of HCG hormone in urine.


– One or two tablespoons of crystalline salt in a clean bowl.

– Sample of morning urine in a clean jar.


– Step 1: Pour the urine into the bowl of salt.

– Step 2: Wait for 3 to 5 minutes to see the result.


If there are no changes to the solution, it is negative.

If visible changes like the formation of the bubble than usual, or urine color turn into a dark, then it’s a positive symptom of pregnancy.

4. Homemade Pregnancy Tests with Toothpaste

With the growing popularity of the DIY home pregnancy test, new methods are coming up. One such low-cost, quick method is a pregnancy test with toothpaste.

But to do this, white toothpaste is recommended, as colored or toothpaste with a specific flavor may affect the test result.


– Step 1: Take a moderate amount of white toothpaste in a clean container.

– Step 2: Collect the sample of morning urine in another clean glass jar.

– Step 3: You can use a Doppler to pour the urine drop by drop on the toothpaste. Otherwise, you can pour the urine slowly on the toothpaste.

Mix the two with a clean stick for some time to see whether any change is taking place or not.


When it’s pregnancy positive, the toothpaste will form a foam, and the white color may turn to a little bluish.

There will be no changes in color, and no bubble formation will happen in case of a negative result.

If you find a positive result at home, the next most important step is to examine your urine or blood sample in a pathological lab.

So, friends, we hope that going through the above Homemade Pregnancy Test With Shampoo Salt Sugar, and Toothpaste will surely help you. Stay happy and welcome your parenthood with a cheerful mind.

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