His Family Abandoned Him As A Baby As He Was Born Without Arms & Legs. Now, He’s Giving Hope To 2 Million People

His Family Abandoned Him As A Baby As He Was Born Without Arms & Legs. Now, He’s Giving Hope To 2 Million People

The birth parents of Gabe Adams-Wheatley abandoned him before he even had chance to prove who he was as a person, but 22 years on the TikToker continues to demonstrate his worth.

Gabe was born in Brazil and shortly after, his birth mom found out that my birth father had another family.

She lived in a poor area and had three other children and because Gabe has Hanhart Syndrome and had been born with no arms or legs, she knew that there was no chance of her being able to give me a good life. She placed me with adoption services and my story travelled all the way to Utah in the U.S. where my adoptive mom heard it in a grocery store while she was pregnant with her 11th child. His parents are very religious, part of the Mormon church, and they both felt a calling to adopt me.

Gabe, now aged 22, told UNILAD his adoptive parents ‘did whatever they could’ to adopt him after first hearing about him in a Utah grocery store and being unable to ‘get [him] out of their heads’. He was welcomed into the big family and became a brother to multiple siblings, as well as an in-law and an uncle.

Gabe’s mother decided from a ‘very young age’ that he wasn’t going to be ‘babied’ because of his condition, but instead ‘raised and treated like the rest of [his] siblings’.

As a child Gabe used a wheelchair and struggled with short term memory loss, but ultimately his family taught him to be ‘strong, kind, tough, honest, loyal, smart, brave and independent’, all of which paved way for the ‘independent freedom’ he has now.

But at school, a young Gabe used a wheelchair and so his fellow students “didn’t think I could go out and play with them.” He was constantly underestimated by them but this changed after he ditched his wheelchair to perform at the school’s talent show when he was in the seventh grade. His dance proved that he ‘wasn’t just the kid in the wheelchair’, but that he could ‘get out and move’, and earned him a standing ovation from the audience.

He had joined TikTok as kind of a joke in 2018 and around Halloween 2019, He made a dancing video.That went viral, which was kind of cool. But I didn’t really start doing make up videos until 2020.

More than two million people now regularly stop to watch Gabe share insights to his life on TikTok, whether they be makeup tutorials, tales about his life with his husband, or examples of how he goes about his daily routine with no arms or legs.

In his video, He reminded everyone to be kind to each other and encouraged those struggling with mental health to never lose hope. “I say this all the time and I know it’s cliché but everybody’s life and experiences are different sometimes. That’s a good thing because then we’re all learning different lessons and able to share. But I would just like to say don’t give up! There’s always going to be people who care and love you. You just gotta find them,” said the empowering young talent.

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Source: newsweek.com, unilad.co.uk

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