His Daughter Made Him Wings To Keep Him Safe, And A Good Dad Always Wears His Daughter’s Wings

The heart of a child is both beautiful and pure; both kind and giving. Sometimes the simplest acts of kindness from a child stop time for a minute, things quiet down, and our hearts are able to know and recognize just how beautiful their pure hearts can be. The pictures below is the typical examples.

1. Picture 1

When his daughter learned what dad did for a profession, which involves climbing large ladders to fix power lines, she fashioned him some wings, which he consented to wear.

Now each time he goes to work, he wears his daughter’s wings, because that’s what good dads do.

2. Picture 2

This adorable toddler offered comfort to a crying actor on TV by trying to wipe away his tears.

“If my heart can become pure and simple, like that of a child, I think there probably can be no greater happiness than this.”
~Kitaro Nishida

3. Picture 3

A little child wearing adult shoes attempts to help a wheelchair-bound man with no legs over a pavement curb.

“There is nothing quite as beautiful as the unconditional love and kindness of a child.”

4. Picture 4

This boy was photographed after he stopped traffic to help carry an injured dog off the road.

“Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with a child’s eye – it is very beautiful.”
~Kailash Satyarthi

Source: understandingcompassion.com

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