Hilarious puppy knows she has to go the vet in the morning, so plays dead until mom offers treat

Animals are all different, just like us. They have their own personalities, their own identities.

But there’s one thing that all animals can agree on: going to the vet is never fun!

Most animals will reluctantly go along with vet visits, knowing they have no real choice in the matter, but others will do everything they can to try and get out of it!

This dog, named Lulu, really doesn’t like going to the vet and had an appointment to be spayed.

She desperately didn’t want to go, so she came up with a genius plan: she decided to simply play dead, the morning of her appointment.

Lulu is usually a fun-loving girl, always active, energetic, and eager for adventure.

She lives with her family, including mom and dad, Micki and David, and their children, Lily and Kate, in a beautiful beach house in New Zealand.

The family love to get outdoors and enjoy every second of their lives, heading off on exciting adventures, exploring the wilderness, and sharing their adventures on YouTube and Instagram under the name ‘Fun Kiwi Kids’, hoping to inspire people around the world to get outdoors and have some fun.

On this particular day, however, it was clear to see that Lulu was in no mood for jumping around energetically, as she usually does.

She knew exactly what was planned for the day, and she wanted out!

Micki films the scene as she spots Lulu all curled up in bed, lying on her back and not moving a muscle, completely pretending to be dead.

Micki calls out to her, reminding her that they need to go to the vet, but Lulu keeps her eyes closed and her body frozen, hoping with all her might that her plan will work.

Next, Micki reaches out and strokes Lulu’s chest, rubbing her cheeks and trying to get her to ‘wake up’, but still Lulu keeps up the act, determined to get out of her vet visit, by any means necessary.

We have to say, even though it’s clear that Lulu’s plan can’t work forever, she’s very convincing!

She does the old ‘playing dead’ trick perfectly, frozen totally in place and completely unresponsive to any sounds or touches.

“Are you pretending you’re a dead puppy?” says Micki, who then starts yelling “Boo!” to try and trigger a reaction from her funny dog.

Still, Lulu shows no signs of movement, but then Micki thinks of one thing that will definitely wake her up: treats!

Finally, after all that effort, Lulu gives up on her plan completely as soon as she hears the familiar rustling sound of her favorite bag of treats.

In case you’re wondering, Lulu’s operation went fine and she’s doing great now, back to having adventures with all her family.

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