High School Quarterback Honors Childhood Promise To Girl With Down Syndrome

This touching story is about a promise that was made in elementary school and it was fulfilled seven years later.

High school can be tough, but it’s easier when you have a friend by your side. A high school quarterback made good on a promise he made years ago and took one of his friends to prom.

They became friends in fourth grade, but Ben’s mom didn’t know until the end of the school year when her son asked her if kids with Down syndrome get to go to prom.

They are always happy together playing different games and doing many activities together. No matter what Ben and the other friends or his classmates were doing, he always did his best to make sure Mary was there.

And, a few years later, it was time for Ben to fulfill his promise, although in the meantime he and Mary had gone to different schools, and although Mary had already made plans for her prom night.

Ben and Mary ended up in different high schools, Ben at Susquehanna High School and Mary at Central Dauphin, where her dad was a math teacher. But they shared a love for sports.

Mary was the equipment manager for her school’s football team, while Ben was the quarterback for his.

Ben and Mary’s teachers and parents were ecstatic with their friendship and how they seemed to have fun any time they were together. Mary has Down syndrome, and Ben has done everything he can to be a good friend to Mary and make sure that she feels as included as possible.

Keeping His Word

He kept this beautiful notion going by promising to take Mary to their high school prom. It was a promise he had made when he was only in elementary school. In May 2015, that promise was finally fulfilled, as Ben and Mary got dressed to the nines to attend their high school prom together.

Mary didn’t know that Ben would want to take her to prom. However, she was thrilled about going with her buddy.
“I was surprised,” Mary admitted, smiling. “I was going to go with some friends.”

So, when the big day came, Ben and Mary looked amazing in their matching outfits, and their parents and fourth-grade teacher were there with big smiles- and maybe some tears in their eyes.

“Today with joyful tears in my eyes and down my face I watched a promise made, 7 years ago, to a beautiful girl fulfilled,” Ben’s mom wrote on Facebook.

By far one of the best teachers to touch our children’s lives!!!! Thank you Tracey Spogli from the bottom of my heart for loving our two kids like you did, have and always will!!!!! Love you!

The teens looked fabulous in their prom pictures and there’s no doubt they had an unforgettable evening.

As a quarterback, Ben likely had many girls that would’ve loved to be his date to prom. In this case, he made the most beautiful choice possible by going with his friend Mary.

Watch the video below to see an interview with the sweet friends before they head to the dance!

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