High Carbs Foods Diabetes People Can Eat That Won’t Increase Blood Sugar Level

High Carbs Foods Diabetes People Can Eat That Won’t Increase Blood Sugar Level

People living with diabetes generally feel limited when it comes to eating because there are so many foods they are told to avoid. One of those foods is carbohydrates. Truth be told, carbohydrates are derived from sugars that can raise your blood sugar levels.

The resistant starch present in these foods can help manage blood sugar levels, reduce weight, and improve digestive health. The following foods are carbohydrate-rich foods that can be eaten by people living with diabetes.

1. Oats

This food is rich in resistant starch, which is why diabetic patients are advised to eat more oats. Those struggling with obesity and high blood sugar levels can eat oats for effective weight and blood sugar management. Allowing oats to cool overnight or for hours will increase the resistant starch.

2. Cooked and cooled rice

Yes, you don’t have to avoid eating rice if your diabetes. All you have to do is increase your resistant starch level by allowing the rice to cool down after cooking before eating. You should eat more brown rice, as it has more fiber than white rice.

3. Raw potato starch

Someone will tell you to stay away from potatoes if your diabetes. This is not necessary. The potato starch that looks like regular flour contains about 80% resistant starch. Adding about 1-2 tablespoons to your diet per day is sufficient. Do not heat the starch before eating

4. Baked and boiled potatoes

As I said before, you don’t have to avoid potatoes because of their high starch content. Just let them cook properly after cooking to increase their resistant starch content.


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