Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Go 10 Days Without Sugar

You may not remember the alarm raised about fat and the diseases it causes, from expanding waistlines to a heart attack. The media coverage swamped us with facts about blocked arteries and the early d.e.a.t.h faced if we continued with our bacon and eggs breakfast.

Now, it has become increasingly noticeable that the havoc wreaked on our bodies is in fact caused by sugar, not fat. Yes, fat is not recommended, but health issues like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even cancer are caused by the refined sweet taste of sugar.

Almost all our processed foods are now laced with sugar, and our ever expanding waistlines have only worsened since food manufacturers replaced fat with sugar. The sweet poison that is prevalent in our diets every day is making us sick.

Luckily, the damage caused by sugar can be reversed. Cutting back on sugar or even eliminating it completely can have instant, positive effects on our health.

A new study supports these findings. Researchers from the University of California, in only 10 days managed to drastically reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes on children. They were able to decrease triglyceride levels by 33 points on average, and the bad cholesterol by 5 points and as well as the diastolic blood pressure.

Important things to know: not all calories are created equally. 100 calories of sugar is not the same as 100 calories of spinach. Unfortunately this is not what food companies would like you to believe. We shouldn’t necessarily even be focusing on counting calories; we should be focusing on the ingredients in our food. Sugar may be advertised as “fat free,” however this is a just a marketing ploy. Calories from the sugars are the worst one because they are converted to fat in the liver, raise insulin resistance and increase the risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Using artificial sweeteners will not do anything good, as a matter of fact it can do things worse. Many thinks that aspartame is just another FDA-approved sugar alternative that is safe to use, otherwise it wouldn’t get on the market. However the reality about aspartame is much more sinister, including how the chemical sweetener gained approval.


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