Here is What The Moles On Your Body Say About Your Personality

Here is What The Moles On Your Body Say About Your Personality

Moles can appear anywhere on your body – your face, arms, legs, palms, and even your chest when you cry!

And while you desperately try to cover these unsightly marks (mostly) your mind begins to drift into the territory of introspection, and you wonder…

“Do my moles really have a role in my life? Can they really say something about my personality? Help me understand who I am? ‘

Well, if one believes in Hindu and Chinese astrology, your moles, birthmarks and beauty spots can say a lot about who you are! Of course, that depends on where your mole occupies on your body.

Here’s what your moles have to say about who you are:

1. Mole On Your Palm

This is a little interesting as the mole can indicate different things depending on whether it’s on your left or right palm. If it’s on your right palm, you have a thoughtful nature and are quite calculative. It also suggests that you’ll live a life of material comforts. However, if it’s on your left palm, it means you are quite the spendthrift and find it difficult to save money.

2. Mole On Your Forehead

You have a strong personality if there’s mole on your forehead. Individuals who have a spot on this location are quite headstrong and determined, having a very strong instinct. You also possess leadership skills. And as a bonus, you’re known to be attractive too!

3. Mole On Your Nose

A mole on the nose is not good news. People who have it tend to have bad luck. Moreover, your personality can also be characterized by traits such as flirtatiousness and an affinity for gambling. Personal relationships of such individuals can also bear the brunt of their ways.

4. Mole On Your Cheek

A mole on the cheek is a sign of beauty in many countries. The mole on the right side of the cheek denotes that you are a caring person and your friends and family feel safe around you. A mole on the left cheek denotes that you are an introvert and prefer to have a small group of friends. You will choose to be alone over hanging out at a party.

5. Mole On Your Ear

If your birthmark is on your ears, you are the possessor of great intelligence and talent. It also means that your child would, in all likelihood, turn out as intelligent and talented as you. A mole situated on the back of your ear means that you’re traditional at heart and diligently follow all customs.

6. Mole On Your Chin And Lip

You just love talking a lot and gossiping if you have a mole on your upper lip. You’re also pretty nice to everyone you know and meet. However, if your mole is on the lower lip, it means you are kind of indulgent and love good food.

As for a mole on the chin, it can mean a lot of things. It represents a person who is affectionate and caring. It also means that the person will lead a balanced, successful life. They have a knack for change and travelling. They want to be surrounded by new people and places. A mole on the right side of the chin represents a diplomatic personality, whereas on the left it represents honesty.

7. Mole On Your Feet

A mole on the feet represents travelling and you will be recognised for your good doings. A mole on the right foot denotes that you will have a good family life, whereas a mole on the left foot denotes financial problems and issues with the spouse.

8. Mole On Your Chest

Liveliness runs through your blood and you live life king size! A mole on your chest also indicates that you love having fun and really enjoy all the luxuries that the world has to offer. But you may find it difficult to sustain it due to your inherently lazy nature.

9. Mole On Your Arms

A mole on either of your arms suggests that your personality is characterized by two positive features – calmness and politeness. If you have a mole on your elbow, it means you love travelling a lot. Whereas a mole on your wrists suggests that you can be easily depended upon and you’re quite careful in all you do.

10. Mole On Your Shoulders

A mole on your shoulder, no matter which side it is on, shows that you are a sensible person who is practical in their actions and decisions. You are sociable, friendly, and outspoken too, but at the same time you never cease to be responsible, and to a great extent, even reliable.

11. Mole On Your Neck

The mole that you have on your neck, irrespective of the side, indicates that you have a strikingly good personality, one that creates a favorable impression on the minds of people. You also have excellent luck. However, if your mole is located on the back of your neck, it means that you enjoy a simple and ordinary life.

Naturally, you can have multiple moles in different places all throughout your body. And in that case, it would mean that your personality is a mixture of all those traits that the moles respectively represent. In any case, you’ll still be a unique individual!

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