Here are 5 things that can make a woman tired of a man

Men sometimes do things without knowing that it’s annoys the woman in their lives. Sometimes women get tired of men without showing; it just keeps building till they get tired of that relationship.

Most men are careless about their ladies and take so many things for granted. That is the reason why women have this popular saying “you don’t know what you have until you lose it”.

The next 5 things that we would list would definitely make that woman tired of you. You got to be careful man; it’s easy to lose a good woman, the hard part is getting her back; you might not get that chance.


Every woman hates a man who’s insincere. Insincerity is a major turn off and is a big relationship killer. It k..i.l.l.s the trust your lady has for you. So many men are fond of this act and they just don’t care; they are insincere about everything they do and they just think it is normal, that she probably wouldn’t care. Women are a patient kind really; they hold a thing up till they can’t anymore and by then it’s already too late. So one advice for you fellas, keep your acts right, that woman isn’t a wood, she notices everything but keeps quiet for a reason.


If you don’t have complete trust in your lady then what are you guys even doing together? It’s better not to be with her at all than be with her and still don’t trust her. Women feed on the trust their men have for them but when there is no trust then you are completely making her feel bad. Some men don’t naturally have trust for a woman and it’s not a good thing. Trust is essential to keeping her in love with you always.


Nothing can make a woman tired than a c.h.e.a.ti.n.g man. A c.h.e.a.ti.n.g man is every woman’s nightmare. Most men c.h.e.a.t and that’s a fact. It really isn’t fair to ask a lady out, she agrees to be yours and then all you could do is c.h.e.a.t on her. It’s an unfair thing to do; to me, it’s wickedness. If you want her for a fling, ask her for a fling, if you need something real then be real; c.h.e.a.t.i.n.g isn’t a sign of realness. Women don’t love sharing their man no matter what. Cheating on her would only hurt her and she would definitely get tired. Women react differently to a man that c.h.e.a.t.s; some get hurt and just leave, others act so violent to either the man or the woman he’s c.h.e.a.t.i.n.g with or both, some curse and swear, others decide to stop dating. The summary is that she gets hurt and she gets tired which is all the man’s fault.


Some men enter a relationship with a lady and act like they are male chauvinist; they act like they are Generals in the military and it’s either their word or their words. They don’t listen to their lady or ask for her opinion and still want to keep her; they just need that obedient subordinate to control. Sorry man, you can’t eat your cake and have it; your relationship is not a military training ground. She deserves your respect, give it to her or risk losing her. Women so hate when they are not listened to; it’s more like you don’t value her.


Some men are in relationships for relationship sake. They don’t show care to their lady, they act anyhow and treat her anyhow. Maybe they do this with the expectation that she just can’t do without them and wouldn’t leave. Like I said earlier, women are a patient bunch; they wait and wait to see if there would be any improvement and then they get fed up and leave. You need to show her care always, never get tired of telling her how much you love her, never chill on communication; it keeps the fire burning and the moment the fire stops burning in that relationship, she gets tired and then decides it’s all over. Never let it reach this stage except you don’t love her.

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